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Remote file management system for kiosks, ATMs

Nowadays under direct control of almost each bank or a specialized outsource-company there are from several hundred to several thousand of territorially allocated ATMs, informational and payment kiosks which totality build a network of specialized terminal devices for clients’ self-servicing (ATMs).
Such operations as ATM advertising banner files change, ATM work log-files download, devices reboot, kiosk application version update, etc. are manually done by maintenance staff either remotely for each device or directly at the place of the ATM location. 
uniXchange is a software product by Unitecsys  company  specially developed with the aim to save expenses and make ATM and kiosk maintenance more convenient and secure.

Key benefits

uniXchange  is a universal solution with no additional hardware involvement.

  • Saving of expenses

Using the system allows significant reducing the expenses on ATM and kiosk network maintenance due to decreased necessity of maintenance staff involving.

  • Flexibility

Using the system allows simultaneous and immediate changing the required parameters for the whole hardware in the network.

  • Minimization and localization of mistakes

Using the system allows reducing the amount of «human factor» mistakes for kiosks and ATMs maintenance.

uniXchange system provides

  • Centralized modification of advertising banner files on ATMs and kiosks.
  • ATMs grouping.

Each group can include ATMs using different software for their work. The change of advertising files is done for the whole group.

  • Access to ATM folders structure and file names inside these folders.
  • Access to the content of any ATM selected file located at the place indicated by an operator.
  • Terminal part self-updating procedure support.
  • Access control.

Only properly authorized users have access to the system.

  • Support of ATMs performance via GPRS.

Absence of the static IP does not influence effective system performance as ATM itself calls the update server and the size of a package transferred during one session is adapted to a channel capacity as well as the time period between connection sessions.

System flexibility and security

  • uniXchange supports ATMs with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4, OS/2 and Linux.
  • Server subsystem with minimum configuration can be installed on a regular workstation (PC) with Windows XP or Linux operating systems.
  • Low requirements to terminal agent hardware allow functioning the software even on old models of ATMs.


More detailed information: pfd sign uniXchange

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