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Payments acceptance in a trade network via self-service devices

Unitecsys company possesses wide experience in various solutions development for self-service systems.

The company products allow organizing the “turnkey” network of self-service terminals, information kiosks, “informants” in e-government projects and other similar devices.All company products are developed considering important flexible settings for software of this kind. Thus, functionality extension of each company solution can be easily done as to a Client’s requirements.
Moreover, the company software combined in “Unitecsys Platform” also allows quick developing new solutions for self-service industry.

Due to the established reliable relations with a lot of equipment suppliers and processing centers, Unitecsys company offers complex approach to its Clients’ business tasks.     

What we do?

We help our Clients to make their business more profitable, if the set tasks can be fulfilled through IT.

Why to trust us?

In general, new Clients contact our company as a result of recommendations by our happy ones. Just ask the people who recommended us - why they consider Unitecsys is really worth your attention and time. We are sure you will get quite a fair reply: “Unitecsys will really meet your expectations, as these guys understand the importance of your business for you.”

What we deal with?

We undertake the projects with high business importance and “only success” requirement. Standard solutions free and individual customer approach - is the way we work.
Sure, in case the set issue could be solved via a good standard solution, we will gladly advise it to you, in order to save your budget and our time.

How skillful we are?

Business management systems
Billing systems
E-payments processing
Specialized and custom devices integration with third-party systems